Our Cats

Tootsie Girl

Black Ice

Black Ice is our new tom. He is from Heart 'n Soul Cattery in Canada. He has beautiful copper eyes to show off his flowing black coat. Ice's pedigree includes Champions, Grand Champions and National Winner. He is a large and loving kitty to add to our Texas cattery!!

Tootsie Girl

Southern BlueBelle

Southern BlueBelle (AKA Dixie) is our new Persian queen. She is from Heartnsoul Cattery in Canada. A beautiful blue cream color, this lady can have a variety of kittens. She carries blue, black, cream, red, Himalayan and chocolate blueprints for gorgeous kittens. AKA Dixie (appropriately named for a Texas kitty) has Champions and Grand Champions in her pedigree. She is a very loving kitty and will follow you anywhere.