Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation for a kitten? Do you have a waiting list?

If there is a particular kitten you are interested in, send me an email with the Kitten’s name and your phone number. I will call and we can make arrangements.  If we do not currently have a kitten that matches what you are looking for, we can put you on our waiting list for future litters (deposit required).

What are your prices for kittens?  What methods of payments do you accept?

Prices for our kittens will depend on the kitten and rarity of color, typically ranging between $1000-$3000.  I accept cash, cashier's checks, and money orders only, at this time.  When you fill out the contract, I will need a down payment (typically half the price of the kitten) to save your kitty for you.  The litter is registered with CFA.  I have registration papers for all of the kittens in the litter. 

Are all your kittens "fixed" (spayed or neutured) at time of adoption?  

No.  I sell most of the kittens as pets, and the prices listed above are for pets.  If you would like to buy a  kitten with CFA breeding rights, please contact me, and there will be a fee of $500, in addition to the price of the kitten.

Are all of your kittens up to date on vaccines?  What other kinds of testing have they undergone?

They will have their first shots/worming at eight weeks. I do not let them leave the cattery until after 8 weeks and around 10 weeks, depending on the kitten.  My Tom and Queens come from a catteries that are PKD/DNA negative. PKD is Polycystic Kidney Disease that is inherited.

How can I pick up my kitten? What if I live outside of the state of Texas? 

To pick up your kitten, please make arrangements to drive to me or I will meet you at the Austin, TX airport.  The kittens do not leave me until 12 week old. At this age, they are too small to fly cargo, but can fly with you in a carrier that fits under the seat. (Check with your airline for more information.)

How often do you have (or expect to have) new litters of kittens?

I plan to have only one or two litters yearly per queen.  It is important to me to keep it low, so that I may get to know, love and kiss each baby daily, before they are ready to go to their forever homes.  

 What is their life like in the beginning weeks? 

Our kittens are raised indoors and I start feeding them special foods as soon as their eyes are opened. I handle all the kitties at a very early age, so they are quite use to people. We go for car rides. Also, I do take them outside in my arms only. About that time, I provide scratching post (their size) and small pie plates with litter. Mom usually uses the pie plate litter to teach them. They learn all the indoor cat tricks from mom and the brothers and sisters.

So why the name "Sullivan Blu"? 

My daughter has always been a student of the Civil War, better known as "The War between the North and the South."  I would get books and videos about the war for us to read and watch together, and we came across the story of a very brave and eloquent Union soldier who was going into the First Battle of Bull Run, just one week after he wrote a dear and touching letter to his wife, Sarah.  (I will warn you that if you read it, be prepared with tissues.)  This soldier's name was "Major Sullivan Ballou".

So, in fitting with our interest in the civil war and my love of Blue Persians, we named the cattery Sullivan Blu.

To read an article on Maj. Sullivan Ballou, including the letter to his wife Sarah, please visit the following link:


What if I have questions other than those listed here?

Please see links below for additional information, and feel free to send us any other questions through the form on our Contact page, or E-mail us.

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