Our Story...

We are a long line of cat lovers ( I think it was inherited).  My great-grandfather was a country doctor, and he was the first I knew of in our family who liked cats, had them in the house, and slept with them.  I have always raised just our cats and thought about having a cattery, but we were always moving, and just didn't see spending the money with a growing family.   

Cats are clean, as opposed to their close pet partners – dogs.  It seems dogs delight in rolling in whatever dead, stinky stuff that happens to be lying around.  The cat breed (Felis catus) share many traits, but all the attitudes are different. The attitudes are learned from their families.  We love dogs, too, but we can definitely see the difference in owning dogs as opposed to owning cats (...we don’t really “own” cats, do we?).  Cats are very clean, intelligent, dignified and easily trained. (Yes, I said that!)

Persians cats have many more variations and markings than any other breed.  They come in many colors “to match your décor”.  In the cat family, the colors also denote personality traits... from the tortoiseshell colored, sometimes called “naughty torties”, to the black variety, commonly known as the “laid-back blacks”, and of course, the "talkative blues"!  When I have a litter of kitties, it is always very exciting to see what we will have.  Every litter can be, as the old saying goes, "like a box of chocolates... you never know what you will get!"  Kitties are not carbon copies.  They are all original!  

Our cattery is home to CFA registered Persians and Himalayans, that come from champion bloodlines.  The kittens are raised in a warm, loving home, and a cage-less environment, where they spend their early days learning the "basics", like feeding, using litter, and using a scratching post from mom and dad, interacting and socializing with people, and of course, playing and "being a kitten" with their brothers and sisters!

All of our Persian cats have long beautiful coats, pug faces, and are always posing for a picture to be taken. If you have ever had a Persian before, you know you cannot resist their sweet gentle nature.  I have always said “I don’t sell cats, I sell companions.”